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Newman' Own DOES NOT Select Help4VetsPTSD, Inc. for $25,000 Grant

by Chris Sorrentino on 08/24/12

August 23rd, 2012 - Kansas City, MO:  For the second straight year, Newman's Own (Fisher House) failed to select Help4VetsPTSD, Inc. for a $25,000 Grant, stating "161 entries this year made the selection very difficult". Retired Air Force lieutenant colonel Chris Sorrentino, President and Executive Director of Help4VetsPTSD made the sad announcement at the semi-annual board meeting last night, commenting on the disappointment he felt upon hearing the bad news. "We have a great organization that is just starting out and in desperate need of funding. Our mission, to help military and veterans (and their families) with PTSD, is critical and can actually SAVE LIVES, so I do not understand how 'quality of life' programs can be selected over such a noble cause as ours". 

On average, one military member and 18 veterans commit suicide EACH AND EVERY DAY, and PTSD is a significant factor in many. Sorrentino added: "Every day we go unfunded, another 19 lives are lost and that is absolutely appalling! The military and VA cannot keep up with demand and there are a shortage of trained, qualified therapists in the private sector. Help4VetsPTSD can help alleviate the suffering and senseless suicides experienced by over 6,900 of our military and veterans each year...senseless!"

We didn't win the Last Plan Standing contest

by Chris Sorrentino on 04/11/11

but that won't stop us from growing and helping our veterans!

PLEASE join US on the front lines in the battle against PTSD.  We are a grass roots organization of 100% volunteers, mostly veterans, dedicated to ensuring disabled veterans get the help they so deperately need.

"All Wounds Are Not Visible" and PTSD is a huge problem. Estimates vary, but between 20 and 50 percent of vets returning from the desert are being treated for mental health issues, PTSD being one of the most prevelant.

"Half of and treated by received care for problems, 4 times rate of gen pop. "
@GiveAnHour Tweet ( - April 6, 2011
Please help US by telling us what you see as the most important services we can provide. Now is the time to speak up because we have a vision of what this organization should look like, but you may have great ideas which we can still incorporate into our vision.
Please view Our Mission and Our Services pages to find out what our vision is, then tell us what's missing, what else we can do, or what we have gotten wrong. We want to hear ideas, particularly from veterans and those with mental health concerns, that will  make our organization better, stronger, and readly to take on the challneges ahead.
Thank you!

Join us on the front lines in the battle against PTSD.

by Chris Sorrentino on 03/20/11

Help Our Non-Profit, Help4VetsPTSD, WIN a $100K Marketing Plan!

Our goal is to open a non-profit to treat vets with PTSD in a residential setting using the latest, most effective, and proven techniques available.  .

Please, help us make this dream come true by making comments, suggestions, asking questions, or by making a donation.  

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We are looking for volunteers to work with Military and Veterans with PTSD.

If you are a licensed therapists (LPC, LMFC, LCSW, Psychologist, Psychaitrist) specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy (ACT, DBT, PE), and will volunteer to work with Military and Veterans, please contact us...


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